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Esej1 - Project Proposal

Jan. 26, 2020


We started a project in December 2019 in Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana, Slovenia. We build a small student run gallery inside a studio. Our starting point was to construct a space that attempts to preserve more than one property (possibly in conflict) of the original space. It works as a critique on the fact that our academy does not have their own gallery. /…wtf…/ So we would like to expand the project to different surroundings, territory, location, and try to explore and play with our concept in other situations~~/layers.~~


We would like to propose a project that is connected to learning through workshop. In which we would invite local artists, students and people who would be interested to participate in collective building of a space. We do not mean collective building of a space in a physical way but how to fill the space with content and maintain it alive after the exhibition. Space with white walls that look like white cube without windows and have one entry and no ceiling. (photo reference down) /?/ For us is important that we can install white cube in one of the institutions that are collaborating on this year’s Biennial. Through building this installation, we would like to run a dialog between local community and the institution where construction work would take place. Building of the white cube would start 14 days before the opening days, we know how to build it but we would need some help with tools and extra pair of hands. /KAJ?/ On the opening days in the white cube, we would run 4 days of lectures combining local artists aspects on the system, student run spaces and practices that are dealing with it in our region. On the lectures, we would as well share our own experiences and practices that have been used in Slovenia as well we would like to invite some lecturers from San Marino. A space that crosses between autonomous and institutional would provide learning opportunities through dialogue and we would like to learn through experiences that others have. Because the concept of the proposal is site-specific, we would get in contact with venues and try to choose location for the intervention in a dialogue with you. And for the installation we would prefer that it stays there as a permanent part of chosen institution after the Biennial exhibition would end. /ambiciozno/